All About Street Tacos

street tacos in Melbourne FLFirst off, why do they call them street tacos? As you probably guessed, street vendors sell small tacos that are easily prepared and gulped down by people on-the-go. Workers often stop by a street taco vendor and get several street tacos and a soda and they can be done and on their way in ten minutes flat.

But street taco vendors know that there is another vendor right around the corner. So, they try to put out the best product they can for the best price they can. Those two factors are the determining factors in if a street taco vendor business survives in cities like L.A., San Diego, Tijuana or Mexico City.

Masa Taqueria honors the legacy of the great street taco with our very own offerings. You can order our street tacos on corn or flour shells. We also offer a variety of meats and toppings for your street taco. You can choose from:

  • Al Pastor
  • Chicken Tinga
  • Barbacoa
  • Carnitas
  • Ground Beef
  • Steak ($6)
  • Cauliflower


On special days we offer fish and shrimp tacos. Make sure to follow our Facebook page for specials and updates regarding our street tacos.

You can order to-go kits where we pack all the ingredients in separate containers and you can prepare your own tacos just the way you like at home or on lunch break. We include, cheese, onion, lettuce, cilantro and hot sauce.

Come by Masa , located across the Eau Gallie causeway in Indiatlantic Florida.

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