Boozy Brunch Every Sunday

enjoy mimosas at MasaWhether you are chasing the hair of the dog that bit you or you just want that extra level of relaxation on Sunday, the Boozy Brunch here at Masa is for you.

11 am to 4 pm we run boozy brunch complete with drink specials and feature a DJ outside. We offer bottomless fresh squeezed mimosas for our boozy brunch. Keep them coming! But, don’t worry, if you want a delicious fresh mimosa any day of the week, they are available.

Speaking of mimosas, where did they originate? According to various sources online, the first bonafide mimosa appears to have been offered by a bartender at the Ritz Hotel (Paris) in 1925.

One story even claims that Alfred Hitchcock, the famed movie director invented the drink. Whoever gets credit for the drink you can bet that people were drinking some variation of a mimosa shortly after champagne was invented. But, we have to give credit to someone , so here’s to you bartender at the Ritz Hotel!

Sit at the bar and enjoy your mimosa or take it outside in the beautiful warm winter weather in Melbourne FL. Come relax and enjoy your Sunday with a delicious mimosa and fresh authentic Mexican cuisine.

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