Craft Tacos

For many people tacos are something that you assemble the same way every time you eat them. Brown the meat, cut the onions, grate the cheese etc. But, tacos can be so much more. You can find various delicious ingredients to put on tacos that will make your mouth water and your mind wonder why you haven’t tried them before.

Craft tacos are tacos put together using special ingredients that you just don’t see on any taco menu. For instance, today is Taco Tuesday, and what better way for us to celebrate taco Tuesday than to offer three one-of-a-kind craft tacos.

Visitors to Masa today could purchase our craft tacos which consisted of shrimp & grits with a chimichurri Sauce. Or maybe they had the grilled steak with house made guacamole, purple cabbage and blackberry poblano chutney. Finally, the Thai Chili Chicken was to-die-for. It was toppled with pickled veggies and cotija.

Do these flavors sound appealing to you? We hope so. Set your calendar on your phone for every Tuesday so you can see what specialty tacos we are dreaming up next.

It’s not Tuesday unless you have tacos. Try Masa’s delicious craft tacos or come by any day and get our popular street tacos. You can order with a blue corn or white flour tortilla.

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