Dining With Safe Spacing

Masa Open for BusinessYou have probably heard that Florida restaurants have begun to re-open. Phase 1 of re-opening the economy allows restaurants to open as long as there is sufficient space between tables. We are happy to announce that Masa is open and we have plenty of space for you.

Besides our indoor and outdoor seating, we have also cordoned off part of the parking lot on the side of the building in order to provide more seating and in an open and airy atmosphere.

It should be noted that we are running on a limited dine-in menu until we get things up to full speed. A restaurant is much like a ship in the water. You cannot stop on a dime and you cannot start and be at full speed in a short amount of time.

However, we do guarantee you great customer service and cleanliness that is second to none. Our staff is maintaining sterile environments (as always) and wearing their masks at all times.

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