Do You Like Martinis?

Martini drinks specials in Melbourne FLIf you love Martinis then you will love $5 Martini Wednesdays right here in Melbourne Florida. Our bartenders can make you the perfect Martini just the way you like. And they are just 5 bucks all day every Wednesday.

Grab a Martini to wash down some of delicious Mexican fare. Grab some nachos or street tacos and sit on the patio in the fresh air. Tell your server you would like the $5 martini special.

We all know about the connection between martinis and pop-culture such as the one between 007 James Bond and his shaken, not stirred martini. But where did Martinis originate? As with anything popular item from way back in history, there is debate as to the origin. Here are the most widely accepted possibilities:

-Some say that the Martini brand of vermouth came before the drink and people just adopted the name.

-Another theory is that the drink evolved from “The Martinez” which was  a favorite at the Occidental Restaurant in San Francisco in the 1860’s.

-The final theory is that the drink was nicknamed the Martini because it was found in Jerry Thomas’s 1887 edition of his Bartender’s Guide, How to Mix All Kinds of Plain and Fancy Drinks under the name “The Martinez”. 

Whatever the origin, it is a drink that has been enjoyed for a very long time and continues to be a hit to this day. Come by Masa in Indiatlantic Florida today for a taste of our Martinis. Bring your thirst and appetite.

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