Have You Tried the Masatini?

You may be thinking “what the heck is a Masatini”? Well if you don’t know, now you will.

The Masatini is a bit of delicious dessert and a bit of adult beverage. The drink uses chocolate and cream liqueurs as a base and also has fresh strawberries added. We add some Hershey chocolate syrup and vuala! The Masatini is born. Think chocolate covered strawberry.

On Wednesdays the Masatini is only 5 bucks. This beverage is perfect for Valentine’s Day. So, come on by and give one a try. You may fall in love.

More about Valentine’s Day

  • It started in the 3rd century A.D.
  • The Day was named after two martyred men who the Romans executed together. Their name’s were Valentine.
  • Over the next few centuries the day of remembrance became the day of love, signifying love, fertility and Spring’s imminent arrival

Chocolate not your thing? Try our Mimosas. They are “to die for”. More of a Bloody Mary person? Check out the Bloody Masa. The mix is house-made and a little bit spicy.

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