Have Your Tried Barbacoa? If Not, You Don’t Know What You Are Missing

Street Taco
Barbacoa Street Taco

This style of cooked meat is so delicious it practically melts in your mouth. Slow steamed cooked meat that is composed of soft thick & heavy tiny pieces. The deep flavor is one of aged meat. In essence, this is beef cooked at its finest. So what is it and where did it come from?

The origins of Barbacoa are thought to be from the Taíno of the Caribbean. They ruled those islands before old Columbus showed up with his entourage. Current descendants of the Taíno people are found in the Puerto Rican, Cuban, Jamaican, and Dominican populations.

These people would slow cook meat over an open fire with plenty of air and using lower heat. This would result in a very malleable and concentrated delicious meat product. The practice made its way over to Mexico and morphed some into the practice of cooking meats in a hole dug in the ground covered with agave (maguey) leaves.

Today, BBQ masters have duplicated the delicious taste of the Islands and Mexico using their modern pits and smokers. In fact, our modern word barbecue or BBQ for short comes from Barbacoa.

So where can you get this delicious meat? Right here at Masa of course! Try it on one of our street tacos. It may change your life!

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