In House Hot Sauce Now Even Spicier!

At Masa we take pride in making our foods in the store. This goes for most items, including the hot sauce!

Our hot sauce has been a hit with customers and people are always asking for an extra container to-go. Recently we have received a lot of feedback to turn things up a notch. People were saying they want our spicy hot sauce to be even hotter. Your wish is our command!

The sauce’s main source of heat is the beautiful habanero pepper. Anyone who enjoys spicy foods knows all about the habanero. But here is a little crash course anyway:

The pepper is thought to come from Cuba originally. In fact, it is named after the Cuban capitol of Havana (Habana en espanol). There are traces of the pepper’s existence as far back as 8,500 years ago near the Amazon (Well before it was named after Havana). There was intact pepper fossils found in excavations of the Purivian Highlands dating back 6,500 years.

The Pepper is now produced all through parts of Central, South and North America and has become a favorite with spicy food eaters. In 1999, the Guinness Book of World records had a species of habanero listed as the hottest pepper on Earth but that title has now fallen to many other challengers since. List of hottest peppers known to man

Some people like to drizzle a little sauce on their taco. Other likes to pour it on. Still, many like to use the hot sauce as a dipping sauce for their burrito. Whichever way you prefer it, we are just glad that you love our hot sauce!

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