Taco Tuesday – Tacos Every Day

delicious tacosTaco Tuesday has become quite the popular phrase in the American lexicon. Because it’s always taco day at Masa, we figured that Tuesday should be a special craft taco day. Every Tuesday we feature a special set of tacos created by our chef.

About Our Every Day Tacos

We have larger tacos for our dinner menu. These feature tacos such as “Mexican Taco Traditionale” as well as “Crunchy Gringo Tacos”. But we also serve “street tacos” every single day of the week and at any time. These tacos include “Al Pastor”, “Barbacoa”, “Chicken Tinga” and many others.

Our special Tuesday craft tacos may look something like this (pictured):

Grilled Chicken
Strawberry Verde
Habanero Guava Sauce
Green Onion
Crab Cake
Red Pepper Coulis
Pickled Onion Jalapeños Parsnip Salad
Grilled Steak
Tropical Sazón
BlackBerry Poblano Chutney
Purple Cabbage
Avocado Crema

Do these sound mouth watering? They do to me as I write this blog. Remember, every Tuesday, check our social media on which craft special tacos will be featured.

Check out our lunch menu and you can dine-in or swing by and pick up your order at our drive-thru window.

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