What is Masa?

Masa TacosSometimes we get asked about the name of our restaurant. Many Americans took some Spanish in high school and may remember that the word “mas” means “more”. Some people have assumed that our name correlates to that word.  But Masa is actually the word for “dough”. In this case masa de maiz or masa harina which is corn dough.

We chose this name because masa is the base for many of our dishes. We grind corn and make our food fresh every day, right here in Indiatlantic & Melbourne Florida.

How It’s Made

Field corn is first dried then it is soaked and cooked in a solution of lime and water. The process is called nixtamalization. The corn is then washed and ground into a dough. This is when it officially becomes masa.

Good for You

Masa is cholesterol free. It is also gluten free. Masa is a great source of calcium. The food is a staple of Mexican cuisine and has sustained people for thousands of years.

Authentic clean Mexican food is good for you and will satisfy your hunger as well as deliver nutrients needed for survival.

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